Top 12 Best Football Movies on Netflix. Check out list of Good Sports Movies on Netflix


Netflix has offered a lot to football lovers, from excellent football movies on Netflix to gripping thrillers. Even if you are not a fan of the sport, we recommend that you look over best football movies on Netflix list.

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Football movies and television series are about a lot more than just football. It's all about working together, making friends, and sticking it out. They also typically stand the test of time because their stories are still relevant. Instead, next Sunday looking for a movie or drama on Netflix that might surprise you.


The following is a list of the best football movies on Netflix. Some of these excellent football movies and TV episodes are also available on Amazon Prime.


List of Best Football Movies On Netflix

  1. First Team: Juventus (2018-present)
  2. All American (2018)
  3. Maradona in Mexico (2019-present)
  4. Remember the Titans (2000)
  5. The English Game (2020-present)
  6. Anelka: Misunderstood (2020)
  7. The Last Whistle (2019)
  8. QB1: Beyond the Lights (2017-present)
  9. Forever Chape (2018)
  10. Undefeated (2012)


1. First Team: Juventus (2018-present)

This is the first time a series about a football game team has been made available on Netflix on demand. Following Juventus F.C.'s 2017-18 season, this six-part new documentary connects us with all the club's players on and off the field.


This Turin, Piedmont, club has a fandom that extends far beyond the city where it was founded, making it one of the world's most popular clubs. This is one of the good sports movies on Netflix.


The highlights of the 2017-18 season are captured in this documentary, which includes the 120th anniversary of Juventus F.C., matches against Lazio, Cagliari, Barcelona, Napoli, and Internazionale, as well as the Champions League encounter versus Olympiacos.


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2. All American (2018)

'All American,' the best football movie on Netflix, is inspired by the story of retired footballer Richard Paysinger.


Spencer James, a player who has grown up in Crenshaw his entire life, is the series' core character. He was a standout athlete at Crenshaw High School before transferring to Beverly Hills High.


Spencer is not used to the wealthy neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, having been up in southern Los Angeles his entire life. Even in school, the chasm between him and the other students is palpable.


This young adolescent now has the difficult task of leaving his past behind and carving out a place for himself in his new team.


There aren't many football movies on Netflix that deal with such serious topics as economic and class inequalities within a single city and explain how this may have a significant impact on a player's life and approach towards the game.


3. Maradona in Mexico (2019-present)

Maradona in Mexico is good sports movies on Netflix this football movie is also one of the best football movies on Netflix.


When Diego Maradona, one of Argentina's most famous footballers, opted to coach the Brazilian second division team Dorados de Sinaloa it left everyone scratching their heads.


He wants to push the team to new heights while also boosting morale. They overcome several hurdles together as all eyes are on them.


The documentary film, directed by Angus Macqueen, is set in 2018-19 and depicts Maradona as a human man with flaws and defects who wants the best for his squad.


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4. Remember the Titans (2000)

Remember the Titans is one of the top sports movies on Netflix. If the fact that this film stars Denzel Washington isn't reason enough to add it to your list, consider that it is also created by Jerry Bruckheimer.


It is based on the historical incident of Herman Boone, an African-American football coach who attempted to integrate the Williams High School football team in Virginia in 1971.


This movie has a strong social message while also creating a larger world than we see in many sports films.


5. The English Game (2020-present)

Sports can be very powerful history has shown that supporters can be volatile and sensitive, especially when it comes to the identity of the team they support or the city in which it was founded.


Sports have also brought people together, as evidenced by the development of football from an elite sport to a working-class sport.


This historical miniseries is set in England in 1879 when the game was still in its infancy and only the elite, with Old Etonians being the most notable of the clubs were allowed to play.


A revolutionary, James Walsh, forms Darwen F.C., a working-class club, to compete against the likes of Old Etonians, forever altering the game and its spirit.


6. Anelka: Misunderstood (2020)

This football movie on Netflix follows the life of French player Nicolas Anelka and the scandals that have surrounded him and his career.


This documentary includes interviews with Anelka, who tells his side of the story. Despite rising to prominence at a young age and playing for the world's most prestigious clubs, it has been his controversies that have established his public image.


The documentary focuses on two major controversies. the 2010 World Cup and 2013 ‘quenelle' gesture. Despite focusing mostly on Anelka's point of view, this documentary is not apologetic, instead of painting a portrait of a man who loves his integrity and recognizes his difficulties.


7. The Last Whistle (2019)

'The Last Whistle,' written and directed by Rob Smat, is a best football movie on Netflix about a high school football coach named Victor Trenton.


Trenton a coach well-known for his enthusiasm for the game is constantly pushing his players to perform to the best of their abilities.


His training sessions are incredibly tough and the players have a difficult time keeping up with his demands on the field.


When one of his team's players dies the student's mother and the majority of the school's professors begin blaming Trenton. They believe that his fixation with a victory has caused him to overwork the players, which has resulted in this tragedy.


8. QB1: Beyond the Lights (2017-present)

This is a top sports movies on Netflix. In this movie is the journey of 3 high school senior leaders as they try and play competitive college football is chronicled in this tv show.


The three players come from extremely diverse backgrounds each season and the series highlights the pressure they face their preparation and the hurdles they confront during this critical period.


Peter Berg produced the series which premiered on February 13, 2017. Jake Fromm, Justin Fields, Tate Martell, and Spencer Rattler are among the noteworthy football players are portrayed in the series.


9. Forever Chape (2018)

Based on the horrific tragedy that rocked the world of football on November 26, 2016, an airplane disaster claimed 71 lives, including the Brazilian team Chapecoense.


The emphasis on the reconstruction of the team and the healing of the survivors defines this film. This depicts the fans' enduring love and devotion to their team.


The director, Uruguayan Luis Ara, examines the club's amazing journey from Brazil's Serie D to Serie A in just seven years. Football is a socially, culturally, and politically sensitive sport, but Ara sheds light on how the club brings the city of Chapeco together.


10. Undefeated (2012)

Rather than observing a successful football team and investigating why they are so excellent, this film focuses on a traditionally dismal Memphis inner-city high school team.


Before 2009, the team had been in existence for 110 years and had never made it to the playoffs.


During their memorable 2009 season, the documentary follows a volunteer coach and three of the adolescent players.


It is less concerned with what occurs on the pitch and more concerned with what football means to these people and their future.


11. 89 (2017)

A football fans would understand how essential the 1988-89 season was for Arsenal F.C., as they miraculously won the Championship title against all odds. Arsenal defeated Liverpool, England's finest team, in the last seconds of the match at Anfield.


As thrilling as the event was, the documentary incorporates previously unseen footage, insights, and interviews with members of the squad, officials, and spectators who witnessed the historic game.


Any sports lovers would like to view this documentary because of the nature of the match and the message of brotherhood it tells.


12. Friday Night Tykes (2014-)

'Friday Night Tykes' is a football movie on Netflix that delves into the world of Texas youth football. with four seasons, we follow a group of kids that are under immense pressure to win and be the best from both coaches and parents.


Although enjoyable, this series has sparked some debate because it depicts a dark side of our society.


It generates a lot of discussion and controversy regarding the sport's potential dangers and how children should be taught football.


We hope this article helps you to find the best football movies on Netflix. Thank you for stay tuned please share this information with your football lovers.


And comment that which is your favorite in this top sports movies on Netflix.


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