WhatsApp New Features update 2021. WhatsApp Added Multi Device Support Feature


Hello everyone, about 99% of people lift their phone every morning to check the WhatsApp notifications. Nowadays WhatsApp is a part of our life. So WhatsApp also offers new updates for their users and recently WhatsApp offers new features.

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WhatsApp New Features | Photo Credit: Pexels

In the early days WhatsApp is only a messaging application. Day by day WhatsApp improved by providing a calling and video calling feature and also added story option.


In this article we are going to explore new features for whatsapp, so stay tuned up to end of this post so that you can get the best information about whatsapp with new features.


List of new features for WhatsApp 2021

  1. Multi-device feature
  2. View once feature
  3. Add participant while call
  4. Photo/Video Quality customization
  5. Chat backup encryption in drive
  6. Chat backup between android and IOS
  7. Network usage
  8. Voice note speed customization


1.Multi device feature


Finally, this multi device feature is now available for beta users. This new features for whatsapp is a very awaited feature by WhatsApp users.

Multi Device Support Feature in WhatsApp
Multi Device Support Feature 

The specialty of this new WhatsApp feature is you can login into your WhatsApp account with four more devices along with your primary device.


Early days you can login your WhatsApp account with the same number on multi-devices with help of WhatsApp web. But this requires your primary device is should connect with an internet connection in order to login into WhatsApp web on a secondary device say your laptop.

WhatsApp Multi Device Feature
WhatsApp Multi Device Feature

But, in this new features for whatsapp named multi device feature you can use your WhatsApp account on multi device say laptop or tablet with the same number without any internet connection with your primary device say your mobile phone.


How can I use my WhatsApp account in a tablet?


With help of this Multi device feature, you can easily log in with your WhatsApp account in your tablet. In early days we can’t use WhatsApp on tablets with no sim. So I think this feature helps a lot for tablet users.


But, you can’t login into two mobile phones with help of this Multi device feature. This is the one and only drawback of this feature. We hope this feature is also available to users in the upcoming days.



2.View once feature


Recently WhatsApp offered a disappearing messages feature. With help of this feature you can delete messages automatically, this deletes only 7 days old messages.


View once whatsapp feature
View once WhatsApp feature

But, with help of this WhatsApp new features update you can delete or disappear your message instantly. Yes, whenever you are sending messages or photos/ videos if you are choosing this view once feature, that file or message you have sent will disappear automatically once receiver has seen your message. And it will never save in receiver’s phone.


But one of the drawback of this new feature is receiver can take screenshot of your message. WhatsApp never notify you that receiver taken screenshot. This feature is already available in span chat.

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3.Add participant while call


In early we have used group calling feature in WhatsApp to call more than one person. Almost same feature is added in this new feature named as Add participant while calling.


With help of this feature you can add your friends when you are in the call with the primary person. This feature is almost similar like a conference call in the normal call.


How to use Add participant in WhatsApp call


Frist call to your primary friend with WhatsApp voice call, when your friend receives your call, just swipe up and there is an option that Add participant click on that and add your other friends.


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4.Photo/video Quality customization

We all know that whenever we shared Photo/video file through WhatsApp, the quality of the file is not original one because the file is compressed within server.


But with help of this new features for whatsapp you can choose the quality of the Photo/video file.


I think this feature is very helpful while you are sending important documents to someone that is required in the best quality of the purpose of printing.


Presently this feature is only supported for sending Photos, we hope this will work with video the file also in the upcoming update.



5.Chat backup encryption in drive


This feature presently not available for users, in early days the chat in the WhatsApp are end to end encrypted but not when you are back up to the could.


With this new Chat backup encryption in drive feature your chat also encrypted in the cloud that means no one can see your message except receiving person.


This feature is good improvement by WhatsApp in terms of user privacy and security. But this feature also may misuse for illegal activities.



6.Chat backup between android and IOS


In the early days we can’t do chat backup from android to iPhone or iPhone to android in WhatsApp. but in this whatsapp new features update WhatsApp developed the Chat backup between android and IOS. This feature is very good move from the WhatsApp team.


In the early days we can do this with 3rd party paid software but it is not a secure environment for chat backup, now WhatsApp offering this feature for users free of cost and secure environment.



7.Network usage

This feature helps to track the usage of your data. How much data is used for Photos, how much used for videos, for document files etc..


Actually this feature is already there in WhatsApp. But now WhatsApp has updated this feature, this feature shows the usage of data for a particular kind of file in the new user interface.


Also, this feature shows the graph of data usage is a very cool feature by WhatsApp.



8.Voice note speed customization


We all know we can be sent a voice note to anyone through WhatsApp this feature is very old in WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp added the best feature for this voice note that is you can play the voice note sent by any of your friends with different speeds.


Voice note speed customization is one of the coolest features by WhatsApp with help of this u can play voice messages with the required speed. This may help you to listen to voice messages as per your requirement.


We hope this article gives the best information on whatsapp with new features. If you really got good information in this post, please share this with your friends and family. And also comment below which is your favorite whatsapp new features update.


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