Cristiano Ronaldo's lifestyle and Ronaldo’s Car collection



Cristiano Ronaldo's lifestyle and Ronaldo’s Car collection
Cristiano Ronaldo's lifestyle

Athletes are present anywhere in the world, they have money on their side, whether it is Sachin Tendulkar who made money from the world of cricket or Sarina Williams who made money playing tennis but there is only one athlete who earns double money from both of them.

How to explain once in the use of land, it doesn't matter whether you are in the square to see the hobby or not, but you must have heard the name of Cristiano Ronaldo.


In this article, we are going to discuss Cristiano Ronaldo's lifestyle. if you are a big fan of this great football player you must read this article up to the end. Here we also cover Ronaldo’s Car collection, how Cristiano Ronaldo spend his money and how much rich he and also we cover the iPhone story of Ronaldo’s son.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's second-highest earner and the world's most famous footballer. Today We will tell you about this football player. Ronaldo was born in a house where his entire family lives in one room, when he turned 14 he found it difficult to play football and left school and in 2019 Ronaldo did the same $ 109 in his name in the year.


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's most famous hard-worker he made himself and like no one else knows how difficult it is to make his way recall that the five-time Balloon Or winner came from a poor family that was barely getting by and Cristiano's father had big drinking problems.


in 2019 Ronaldo will be the owner of $ 109 million which is almost equal to 817 crore rupees. Ronaldo signed a 4-year contract with 20 football clubs in 2018, which will give Ronaldo $ 64 million in just one year i.e. full 4 years 256 million dollars which becomes 1900 crore rupees. 

Not only this but a transfer fee of $117 million was given to Ronaldo for joining Real Matrix Agents, that is, 870 crore rupees for signing only one paper.

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Johan Aalto will get money for playing football but this is for everyone Know that out of the famous 3 don't earn just by playing Recognize Ronaldo earns less than 330 crores rupees every year just from brand endorsement as clean health care Herbalife and Lalu's biggest contract which cost Ronaldo $1Billion 7500 in his career Do all this earning is done on one side.


now come Ronaldo's secondary income and brand endorsement, apart from he has opened many businesses, gold has opened two hotels named Pestana cr7 in one and another year apart from the name of mercury in Spain, There is also a transplant clinic and a company name has been opened by him. but you spend so much money 


if you talk about it Ronaldo is crazy about buying luxury and property, Ronaldo has made 27 million dollars i.e. 202 crore rupees Have bought property all over the world.


these properties include Ronaldo's double Bella in Italy yes when one match did not work, Ronaldo bought another villa and made a double villa 8 bedroom indoor and outdoor pool in this double district Private Garden and Indore Gym is also present, only this one villain is not included in Ronaldo's property.


Sun also in Trump Tower in New York City, an apartment worth $ 18 million i.e. Rs 135 crore Lado's luxury apartment has 3 bedrooms, whose windows are from New York Central Park And beautiful views can be seen with folded hands.


apart from this, there is also Ronaldo is the owner of a vacation home in Spain, its price is made of $1 i.e. 12 crores. In this modern vacation home, Indore cinema infinity pool and twice is also present earning 100 million dollars. If the car is old and old, then it does not matter, then along with the properties.

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Why Christian Ronaldo is not buying iPhone for his son

Let us now discuss Christian Ronaldo's parenting techniques because he truly impressed us at birth.

of Christianity are changed in a very much I have been dreaming of a son since I turned 25 he really influenced me very much I began to think in a different way Christian always supports me and always smiles Ronaldo said in an interview with The Times in 2015 however you vent is a very strict dad.


Christian Ronaldo is worried about raising his son properly so that he raged no fever hates than he himself did I would like my son to follow in my footsteps I want him to become an attacker who scores as many goals.


Christian Ronaldo said in an interview that he carries out a huge and hard instructional job, making it simple for one of the juniors to be motivated. 

A lazy and moody kid when you have a big bat for slipping yogurts lots of fruits and fast cars in the garage yeah Cristiano it's indeed easy but the one will listen to you once Christian Enya asked me to buy him an iPhone 6 but I told him no he said that he really needs a phone to call me and I answered him you can't a grandmother’s phone so friend’s bro now Junior has sweet life but there are some limitations.

Ronaldo’s Car collection

Ronaldo is also fond of keeping a collection of vehicles. The film Ronaldo has a collection of luxury vehicles, which cost crores of rupees, $ 360000 lights in their vehicles in those luxury vehicles. 

$360 000 Rose Royce Phantom $ 220,000 Panty GT Speed Two Austin Martin $ 1.7 million Bugatti Veyron and 8 Point $5 million Limited Edition Rogue etc. 

The car was only reported at 10:30 in the world, one of which was owned by Christian Ronaldo This car can go from 0 to 100 speeds in just 3 seconds.


It is not finished here. Apart from the vehicles in which Ronaldo also has private jets, there is a Gulf Stream g20 business chat which costs $ 19 million i.e. Rs 145 crore.

But he did not put one, he also bought the team yesterday for $ 6064 million, yes, the world's best private jet of 480 crores, this private jet is designed for the journey of only eight passengers and its the special thing is that this private jet The interior is prepared according to the wishes of Christian Ronaldo.


if he has to go anywhere in China, Greece, America, then he travels in full style, despite spending four glasses and spending his clothes and discussing it, he does not get it at all. 

Very expensive made by Rolex GMT MASTER ICE whose cost is $485000, the equal to ₹36,000,000. did you know about Christian Ronaldo's belt made from only diamond and white courts? If you have money, then what will you do tell me in the comments section.

We hope that this article provides more information about Cristiano Ronaldo's lifestyle and Ronaldo’s Car collection. Thanks for staying toned.

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