Elon Musk: Interesting Facts You Should Know

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Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, which costs $1.5 billion, Elon Musk can buy 117 such buildings in one stroke or the world's most expensive car Bugatti car latest model whose cost is equal to 140 crore rupees 9500 such vehicles Elon Musk has the power to buy.


Hello everyone, yes in this article we are discussing the most interesting things about the world’s richest man Mr. Elon Musk.


Elon musk is the Founder of a company like Tesla and Space X, and he send the order checks to Bill Gates and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos in the list of the world's richest people, leaving him behind and standing at number one. The name was not even in the top ten in the list of rich people of 2020 last year, how did his name come directly to the first number in early 2021.


But to know how Elon Musk achieved so much progress in such a short time and all are searching the whole world on Google today. He was very fond of computers and technology since childhood. At the age of only 12, he created a video game and sold it to a company for $ 500, which was a big deal at that time.

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Although the pressure made Elon Musk work in a woodworking factory in Three Ages where He used to get some money to fill his stomach, but after completing his studies together, Elon Musk completed his bachelor's degree in Physics and Economics in 1997, he also applied to the famous IT company to get a job. But he never got any answer from there, at the same time.


Elon Musk's admission was also done in Stanford University PhD program. opened a city guide website, this company used to have only one computer because they did not have the money to buy another computer and the same computer used to run the website during day time and work on the website at night time.


finally, Elon Musk and his Brother's hard work paid off in the year 2000, he bought the compactness for $ 307 million, out of which Elon Musk's brother was million-dollar, which in today's era makes 160 crores, but no one knew that beyond this point of Elon Musk's life only Success is a success.


Elon Musk wanted to open an online bank with this money, for this he opened the website X.com which was launched in the market in the name of PayPal in a short time and in 2002 bought the ball send at expensive prices in which part of the country $ 165 million i.e. 1250rupees.


in 2002 Space X opened a company whose purpose was to make traveling in space easier, Space X not only designed rockets and aircrafts itself but also sent them in this purse and also did many successful sightings. Elon Musk has also promised to send man to the moon and mars, his preparations are being made in full swing in Space X Elon Musk has even said that if he has to send everything he will send. will leave by creating a human colony on mars


Along with Space X Elon Musk, along with four people, also invested in a company to make electric cars, that is, why the world is known as Tesla today, Elon Musk 's company Tesla is today brought to the world's most powerful car manufacturing company.


Electric car running without fuel is not only beneficial for the economy, but people's expenditure on fuel is also equal to negligible because Tesla cars operate without fuel, and Elon Musk also added the auto pilot system in it. With the help of this the vehicle has the ability to automatically take the passengers to the destination without driver.


Along with this the battery installed in Tesla is considered to be a battery of Inter High-Speed ​​Technology, with the help of this Technology by charging only one time It can travel for 520 kilometers, it is such a distance, from Mumbai to Ahmedabad or from Lahore to Peshawar, yes, such a long journey and that too without petrol and the amount of electricity that is used to charge the battery of the vehicle, the cost of being in petrol and gas related to expenses After the success of Tesla.


Elon Musk has also promised to give free internet through satellite in the name of Starlink, this satellite has been done according to the first time in the world, which is from the ground. It is advised to provide free internet service all over the world by hovering only 500 km above,


the height of these satellites is so less than other satellites that they can be seen even from the ground, according to his plan total 12000 satellites are roaring all over the world. By doing this, we will not cover the corner of the world, out of which 1000 satellites have also been loaned on 25 November 2020, with the help of which the beta service of free internet has also started in the United Kingdom.


Tesla has started buying shares of the company, due to which the price of the Tesla, which was sold for $ 250 in a short time, reached $ 850 and broke all the previous records of the stock market,


Elon Musk in all this game who will be rejected list in 2020. I used to come at number 35 on 20 At the beginning of 21, he stood straight at number one, but surprisingly, Elon Musk is very different in comparison to the other billionaire, neither he has any fancy shot nor any Gold bathroom, such a rich man after all.


Elon Musk works more hours than his employer and often goes to the sofa in his factory to sleep at night, says Elon Musk That they get more satisfaction in sleeping inside their factory, this gives them a right idea of ​​the problem of ground station and work, you must have liked this long journey of progress of Elon Musk.


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