Kotigobba 3 Movie Download - Kotigobba 3 (2021)


Kotigobba 3 Full Movie Download

On the 15th of October, Dussehra, Kiccha Sudeep starred in Kotigobba 3, the third sequel to the Kotigobba franchise. In theatres, the film is a hit. According to a report in the Indian Express, the film made Rs. 12 crores on its first day. The Kotigobba 3 movie's total earnings have hit 65 crores so far. However, only a few days after its release, the film became the latest victim of piracy. Several movie piracy websites and platforms, including Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Filmyzilla, and Telegram, have leaked Kotigobba 3 in HD 480p and 720p quality for free download.

Kotigobba 3 Full Movie Download - Kotigobba 3 (2021)
Kotigobba 3 Full Movie Download - Kotigobba 3 (2021)

Directed by 

Shiva Karthik


Shiva Karthik


Kotigobba 3 Movie Download Cast 


Aftab Shivdasani

Madonna Sebastian

P. Ravi Shankar

Shraddha Das

Nawab Shah

Kotigobba 3 Movie Download and Story 

Story: Satya is once again in the sights of Interpol, this time for a string of crimes that appear to be directed at a single person. Satya's assailant is a carbon copy of Satya. Who is this person?

Review: Kotigobba 3 came in theatres a day late, but it did it in style. The hooting and whistling of admirers who were mesmerized by every gesture, flick of the hair or shirt, and phrase from Kiccha Sudeep still stung my ears. The film is a massy entertainment with a lot of quality, directed by Shivakarthik.

The issue about extreme commercial films is that they defy logic, so it's better to leave your head at home for this 2 hour and 20-minute adrenaline rush. This time around, the idea is simple: Satya (Sudeep) is still doing his best as a do-gooder by maintaining a house for the poor. However, it appears that he is pursuing crooks and handing them over to the authorities. He still insists that ACP Kishore (P Ravi Shankar) has been imprisoned for the death of Shiva's handiwork.

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When there are additional crimes everywhere Satya goes, done by someone who, incidentally, looks precisely like him, the finger of suspicion is clearly pointed at him. Soon enough, it becomes clear that Satya cannot be in two locations at the same time, raising the question of who this 'Ghost' guy is.

Hardcore Kiccha enthusiasts will like Kotigobba 3. Even if the action appears unrealistic, the actor owns every frame/sequence he is in. This is a lot of fun if you can suspend your disbelief. Nawab Shab's Devendra is a tough villain, while Aftab's performance as Interpol officer Sharath is noteworthy. It's interesting, though, that the only two Indian officials on Interpol's payroll are Kannadigas, one of whom is Shraddha Das, who plays a meaningless role but is famous for her bikini scene.

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Kotigobba 3 Kannada Full Movie Download

Kotigobba 3 Kannada Movie has been a long time coming, and your favorite Kannada film is about to be launched in India, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about it.

You may watch Kotigobba 3 Movie online for free if you know how, but if you don't, read this page carefully because we will explain to you how to watch and download Kotigobba 3 Movie online for free.

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