Which Countries Provides Free Travel to Their Visitors?


 Travel has become extremely costly as a result of pandemics. But what if someone informed you that if you visit their nation they would pay for your expenses? Doesn't that seem amazing?

Many things have altered as a result of the pandemic. It has had a significant impact on the tourist industry. People are unable or hesitant to travel due to lockdowns and restrictions. But, not traveling at this time has a negative impact on not just individuals but on the economies of many countries.

Many nations across the world rely heavily on tourism, which accounts for a significant portion of their GDP. Travel restrictions have had an effect on the economies and development of those countries.

So they've figured out a way to fix everything. Popular nations such as Italy, Canada, and Japan provide cash incentives for visitors to visit their country.

Visiting a famous destination like Italy or Canada on a budget isn't exactly a dream come true. The following is a list of some of the most incredible nations that provide free travel to their tourist

1. Italy

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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As soon as the coronavirus spread across the world, Italy became one of the worst-affected countries. But the government and the public did not lose faith, and they were able to reduce the number of cases and restore normal.

But the high-profile incidents had already tainted the country's reputation, and the number of visitors had dropped sharply. Because Italy (Sicily) is highly dependent on tourism, many were finding it difficult to return to regular life.

The government launched a campaign to promote tourism and attract more tourists. Tourists coming to Sicily will have their flights paid for in half by the tourism board. Apart from that, one night's stay will be free. Even the authorities prohibited the usage of tickets to enter museums and tourist attractions. The monuments, museums, and other attractions are readily accessible to visitors.

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2. Cyprus

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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If you want to go abroad but are concerned about what will happen if you acquire COVID-19, don't worry the Cypriot government has you covered.

If a visitor to Cyprus gets the virus, the government will pay for all of his or her expenses. The visitor does not need to be concerned about lodging, food, or medicine since the government will pay all of these costs.

But, before entering the nation, the visitor must sign a COVID-19 declaration. You may also be asked to submit a certificate of testing.

Cyprus is a fantastic destination for unique vacations. Its sunny beaches and attractive destinations provide a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Canada

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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Many people's wish lists must include a trip to Canada. Normally, Canada attracts a large number of visitors, but the pandemic has caused chaos in the country as well. New Brunswick, Canada's classic province, is asking visitors to come to see its breathtaking sights.

The Explore NB Travel Incentive Program is providing a 20% discount on travel expenses. They were taking applications from tourists who wanted to visit the region.

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4. Japan

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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Japan is a fantastic tourist attraction since it is one of the safest nations on earth. Japan's tourism industry was also impacted. The government resurrected the tourist industry with a hefty $12.5 billion investment.

To encourage tourism, the government offers discounts, coupons, and even pays for part of the costs of visitors to Japan. Bookings must be made via Japanese agencies or directly with Japanese hotels.

The authorities provide a safe and secure atmosphere for tourists and follow a series of procedures to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks.

5. Bulgaria

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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Bulgaria is known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beach. Its beaches are among the most popular in the nation. What could be more relaxing than lying on the beaches of the Black Sea?

To boost tourism in the region, the government has made certain pay-to-enter beaches free to visit. Beaches are wonderful places to rest and unwind, and they should be on everyone's bucket list.

6. Mexico 

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, historic ruins, and diverse culture. But, due to the global pandemic, Cancun has seen fewer tourists. This has had an effect on the country's tourism industry.

To counteract this, the government has launched a campaign called "Come to Cancun 2X1." If you book two nights at the Cancun hotels, you will get an extra free night. You may also choose which airline they have collaborated with to help you save money on flights.

Mexico is already one of the world's finest nations, and the offer makes it much more difficult to refuse.

7. United Kingdom 

Which countries Provides free travel to their visitors
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There is no need to introduce the United Kingdom. The nation is well-known throughout the globe, and tourists come to the country every year. But, the pandemic and the virus's UK strain have had a negative impact on the tourist industry.

The instances are now under control, and VisitBritain's strategy to promote tourism has been launched. The government has set aside funds to assist visitors who choose the UK as their primary post-COVID destination.


If you've been wishing to go abroad for a long time, here is your chance. You may go to one of the best locations in the world for a reasonable price. There won't be a lot of people around, so you'll be able to appreciate the locations like no one else. But, maintain your safety and health as a primary concern throughout these journeys.

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