Reliance JioPhone Next Launch Delayed. Here's details about Next launch Date.


Reliance Jio's owner Mukesh Ambani said that Friday, the JioPhone Next a low-cost smartphone it developed with Google would be delayed until Diwali. The phone was supposed to be out on September 10th.

Image Source: Reliance Jio

The JioPhone Next will be ready for purchase on September 10th, according to Ambani who announced this during his flagship Reliance Industries Ltd's shareholder meeting in June.

The Jio Phone Next was created by jio collaboration with Google and is decided for those who want to upgrade from 2G to 4G connection.

The company did not disclose the phone's price while announcing the revised timetable.

According to the announcement, Reliance Jio and Google "had made significant progress toward the introduction of the much-anticipated JioPhone Next, the built-for-India smartphone being collaboratively developed by the companies."

JioPhone Next is a first-of-its-kind smartphone with an optimized Android and Play Store operating system.

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"The cell phone will give best premium capacities that have customarily been associated with all the more impressive cell phones, for example, voice-first elements that empower clients to devour data and investigate the phone in their own language, deliver great following modifications, and receive the latest Android feature and security updates," the company said.

Both companies are starting testing the JioPhone Next with a small group of customers in order to fine-tune it, and are working hard to make it broadly accessible in time for the Diwali festival season.

The JioPhone Next has the Google Assistant, programmed read-so anyone might hear and language interpretation for any on-screen material, a savvy camera with India-driven channels, and that's just the beginning. 

"The associations are dedicated to giving new opportunities to an enormous number of Indians, particularly the people who will be related with the web curiously," as shown by the conveyance.

What is the JioPhone Next?

The JioPhone Next is the cheapest smartphone that will run on an optimized version of Android, with features like Google Assistant, automated read-aloud and language translation for any on-screen text, and a smart camera with India-centric filters. 

Chairman Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries said during the company's annual general meeting on June 24 that JioPhone Next would be the "most inexpensive smartphone worldwide."

what is the reason for the delay and when will it be launched?

"The two undertakings have started testing JioPhone Next with a restricted arrangement of buyers for additional refinement and are effectively attempting to make it accessible all the more broadly on schedule for the Diwali holiday season,” stated Jio and Google on Friday. 

This extra time will also aid in alleviating the present worldwide semiconductor shortages.”

Why is there a shortage of semiconductors across the world?

In the post-Covid age, chips, or semiconductors, which are the brains of any electronic device, have become scarce. Several major factories in South Korea and Taiwan have closed, generating a massive backlog of demand that these foundries were unable to meet when they first opened.

On the one side, the pandemic boosted demand for electronic gadgets like cellphones, laptops, and PCs. The issue was more made worse by production delays.

The current shortfall, which started last year, is projected to continue until 2022. To avoid a scenario like this in the future, a lot of businesses are working to decrease their reliance on a few big manufacturers that supply the whole globe.

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