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Railway crossings on the road you must have also seen many times where trains wait for the train to pass, but there is also a railway crossing in New Zealand where the ship has to wait, not the trains. this Amazing railway system was liberated about 200 years ago and because there was no other option of transport in that era, due to this technology all the countries started adopting this technology and started layinamazing railway tracks while installing railway tracks. Let it be imported, where the railway track is being laid, that place should be absolutely plain so that the train can get out of there, but there were many such places where it was not so easy to lay the railway track, somewhere from them to the mountains or the river flowing somewhere today. We will see some such amazing railway tracks of the world, so let's start 

Number 7 

The highest railway track is present in Switzerland, this railway track starts from a village in Switzerland whose height is 4 meters but its temple is mount whose height is 28 meters. i.e. about 16 meters The height covers 6 kilometers, now because there is no gift in the middle of a normal train and it can slip on such a high climb, that is why this railcar was specially designed with the help of someone, today's climbs and descents As much as the time of the rail, the rail car which was launched in 1889 was first run by a steam engine, but after 1937 an electric engine was installed in it. 

Number 6  

In New Zealand, which name is a small city in New Zealand, where the airport is very unique. This is the advantage of the world, there is a report in which Ranveer crosses a railway line, the control tower of this airport is not only in contact with the pilot, but the control tower here also stays in contact with the railway tower if the plane was close enough to landing. If the train is stopped or else the plane is asked to wait before looking, the runway through which the railway track is passing has been designed in such a way that there is no accident at the time of landing of the ship. Actually, this railway track was already present here but later air past at this place. The construction of the court was decided because no other place is suitable in which phone for the airport.

Number  5 

Switzerland is very famous because of its beautiful mountains and poverty, it was really a big challenge to build a railway track on these mountains 5270 feet There is a small town in Chamkna at a high altitude, from where this beautiful railway track is 2 kilometers long to Javed Sand Motors, where only one train can run at a time, which is called ClearExpress, due to the mountains and because of them, the train here. Which runs and completes in 8 hours, because of this, ClearExpress is called the slowest running MP in the world. In Puri, it passes through the inside of the trains, where one of the trains is 16 kilometers long. During the journey, the train is such a tree. which is 450 feet high.

Number 4

There is also a point in Switzerland where the train has to climb a hill from flat ground. happens because train engines are not so powerful that He could cross such a high climb, that's why this meeting was made, which is called Man Spiral Fire, the purpose of this spiral bridge, launched in 1903, was to make the height of the track Ayesha Ayesha Train 20 with the help of this shift The meter kills the height in the low country and the reason for this is nowhere in the whole world 

Number 3

Where the train track runs up in another country Japan also has a rail network where the train runs under the train. The first railway system was launched in Japan, which was launched in 1970. This track to the area is interconnected, which is called Sonal Mono Rail Network, the length of this track is six point 6.5 kilometers and this train is from a total of 7 staff. Even after stopping, it takes the passengers from the starting point to the ending in just 14 minutes.

Number 2

415-kilometer long railway track which starts at the chairman of the island and ends at the city of Burma, Thanks Hayat, by the way, its name is Verma. There is a railway, but in fact, it is famous as a railway. It is not said because it is very dangerous, but there is a very big story behind it. During World War II, the Empire of Japan had made this track to apply food and drink to the army two, but it took more than 100000 to make it. And Krishna was used. It is believed that to get this 415 km long as soon as possible, so many atrocities were done on the board result that more than 50% of these workers died on the spot and remained there.

Number 1 

railway track built between Napoleon and Defense in the Ohio State of USA is considered to be the most dangerous railway track in the world where the train needs a track exactly, the work of this railway track was very much There is a little more up and down from where the anger of the train is not a big test, but why is it so and why is it not corrected From time to time the place is sitting in only one ground, a lot of effort has been made to repair this track. But due to the soft ground, this issue is not being resolved, that is the reason why the rain reduces its speed a lot while passing through it.

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