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Places To Visit Near Bangalore For One Day Trip


Are you searching for places to visit near bangalore for one day trip?  If you say yes, your research is now over. Bangalore's attractiveness is gifted with a combination of the Western Ghats, a nice environment, many adventures, and natural beauty. 

Bangalore is surrounded by natural beauties such as attractive hill stations, beautiful waterfalls, large lakes, and high mountains. There are various sites to visit around Bangalore for a weekend vacation when it comes to weekend trips.

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Places To Visit Near Bangalore For One Day Trip | Photo Credit: Pexels

One visit to nearest places to visit near bangalore will re-energize your soul and provide you with many chances to engage in the combination of nature and excitement. If you are considering a trip in June, some of the best places to visit near Bangalore for one day trip during the monsoon season include the coffee plantations of Coorg, the beauty of Wayanad, and the historic cave of Ooty.


Kudremukh, Sakleshpur, Bheemeshwari, Kabini, and other beautiful nearest places to visit near bangalore. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the misty solitude of the southern hills by visiting these locations. You may spend your vacation at the most popular hill stations surrounding Bangalore, like Ramanagara, Nandi Hills, and Sakleshpur.


In this article, we will cover the top places to visit near bangalore for one day trip with your family, where you may have a wonderful vacation.

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    Places To Visit Near Bangalore 100 kms

    Nandi Hills

    Nandi Hills is a small South Indian hidden gem that shows that beauty may be found in the sky. Nandi hills are the nearest place to visit near Bangalore. It is located 4,851 feet above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful green forests and big evergreen trees.

    Nandi Hills is placed first on the list of places to visit near bangalore 100 kms. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this location provides natural beauty and wow qualities. Aside from sightseeing, you may spend time with your family by participating in activities like cycling, trekking, and camping.

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    The sight of a sweeping blanket of clouds hiding the hills will astound you. The weather in this location is usually lovely, from a cool morning to a bright afternoon. 

    Imagine some exotic birds filling the air with their melodious chirping at daybreak. Doesn't it make you feel as though you're in heaven? Are you heading to Nandi Hills?


    Distance from Bangalore: 60 km


    Why Should You Go in June?

    Throughout the year, Nandi Hills is a bright and dazzling beauty. The typical temperature is between 20⁰ C to 24⁰ C, making it perfect for both relaxation and thrill-seeking activities. The month of June is perfect for visiting Nandi Hills since the weather is pleasant and the sky is clear.


    Nandi Hills attractions include:

    • Cycling and paragliding
    • On the highest hill point, there are ancient temples such as Shri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra, and Sri Yoga Narasimha Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple.
    • Watch birds
    • shopping


    How to Reach Nandi Hills

    By Car:  you must travel a distance of 63 kilometers by car.

    By Air: The closest airport is Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, from where you may take a cab or taxi.

    By Train: The nearest train station is Chikkaballapur, from where you may take a bus or cab to your destination.



    Kanakapura is set among beautiful green woods and magnificent waterfalls, and it has a variety of tourist attractions. Kanakapura's major tourist attractions are the Bheemeshwari wildlife sanctuary, Nature Adventure Camp, and an award-winning resort called Discovery Village. 

    It is commonly regarded as the best retreat near Bangalore for getting away from the busy and activity of the city. Because of its wealth of wildlife, this little city of Ramanagara attracts a large number of wildlife lovers.

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    Kanakpura is full of beautiful landscapes and relaxing air that will take your breath away at every turn. This location is often regarded as the best places to visit near bangalore for one day trip. A breath of fresh air adds to the beauty of this location and adds to the beauty of your journey. 

    You may enjoy the beautiful landscape, adrenaline-pumping excitement, and peaceful temples with your family and friends. A variety of restaurants and caf├ęs satisfy your desire with delectable cuisines. Kanakapura is without a doubt the best place for a relaxing vacation or a fun-filled vacation.

     Kanakapura allows you to enjoy both calm and natural beauty. Plan a vacation to Kanakapura to experience the unexpected.


    Distance From Bangalore- 62 Km


    Why Should You Go to Kanakapura in June?

    Kanakapura's environment is a sheer delight, and you will have lovely weather during your June holiday. It has a tropical environment all year, and you may select which season you want to visit. 

    According to the weather, June is the best month to visit Kanakapura. With nice weather, you may visit Guhantara Resort, Chunchi Hills, and Kanakapura Park in June.

    Attraction in Kanakapura:

    • Innovative Film City
    • Nature Adventure Camp
    • Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Chunchi Falls
    • Discovery Village
    • Pyramid Valley
    • Guhantara Resort


    How to Reach Kanakapura

    By Road: It is 62 kilometers from Bangalore and can be reached by car through NH948.

    By Air: Kanakapura is not well served by regular flights to major cities. Bengaluru International Airport is 78 kilometers away.

    By Train: The nearest train station is Hosur, which is 48 kilometers away.


    Kitne Aadmi the kitne aadmi the?You've probably heard this famous line from the cult classic film Sholay. It is the famous location where the film Sholay was shot. 

    Ramanagara provides both calm and adventure, with must-see attractions such as Kanva Reservoir, Mekadatu, and Janapada Loka. It is one of the places to visit near bangalore for one day trip.


    Sholay Hills is a gift for adventure lovers since it is packed with exciting activities. SRS Hills is a great trove for rock climbers. It would be an eye-opening experience for you if you visit Ramanagara. You'll learn that there's more to this place than simply sightseeing.


    Distance from Bangalore: 50 Km

    Why Should You Go in June?

    If you're going to Ramanagara with your family, choose June. You would experience a relaxed environment that would not disrupt your vacation. 

    The month of June is an excellent opportunity to make special moments with your loved ones in Ramanagara. You would not be concerned about the weather while on vacation.


    Ramanagara attractions include:

    • Ramadevara Betta
    • Mekedatu
    • SRS Hills
    • Janapada Loka
    • Savandurga


    How to Reach Ramanagara

    By Road: Many buses link Ramanagar to numerous places, and a short road journey from Bangalore to Ramanagara is also possible.

    By Air: The nearest airport is Bangalore Airport, which is around 50 kilometers from Ramanagara.

    By Train: The Ramanagara Railway Station offers a train network that connects to all major cities.


    Places To Visit Near Bangalore 200 kms


    Mysore is places to visit near bangalore For One Day Trip, and has become a tourist center since it is a perfect place for all types of travelers. This city is filled with great monuments, spectacular palaces, varied zoos, lovely temples, and breathtaking waterfalls.

     If you're searching for a day visit from Bangalore that's less than 200 kilometers away, Mysore is the place to go. This beautiful city is well-known for providing visitors with one-of-a-kind experiences.

    During the Mysore trip, you will see Royal Heritage, monuments, and age-old edifices, as well as amazing tourist attractions such as a 3D selfie gallery. In Mysore, you will discover something intriguing that will captivate you no matter where you go. 

    Brindavan Gardens is one of their popular tourist sites, attracting thousands of visitors each year. It has a distinct culture that attracts people, which is why it is regarded as the Culture Capital of Karnataka.


    Distance From Bangalore: 143 km


    Why Should You Go in June?

    A visit to Mysore allows you to discover and admire the bold traditional royal architecture. Because of the number of palaces in this city, it is known as the City of Palaces. 

    Mysore has good weather all year, and you may easily wander about the city. When you visit Mysore in June, you may tour the Palace at night. Summer nights are without a sure pleasant, and all of Mysore's attractions are illuminated with beautiful illumination. In June, the temperature fluctuates from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

    Attractions in Mysore

    • Nanjundeshwara Temple – Nanjangud
    • Karanji Lake
    • Brindavan Gardens
    • Mysore Zoo
    • Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta


    How to Reach Mysore :

    By Road: The distance between Bangalore and Mysore is 143 kilometers, and you may use NH948 to go there. You can go there by car, and it takes 4 hours (approx)

    By Air: The nearest airport is Mysore airport, popularly known as Mandakalli airport, from where you may take a cab to your preferred location.

    By Train: The closest railway station to Mysore is Chamarajapuram, which offers strong connections to the rest of the nation.

    Places To Visit Near Bangalore 300 kms


    Are you looking for places to visit near bangalore for one day trip but aren't sure where to go? Visit Ooty for a holiday in one of South India's most loved hill stations. 

    Ooty is a desired holiday destination for all travelers due to its beautiful meadows, sky-high mountains, eucalyptus trees, magnificent waterfalls, and calm lakes. This magnificent location is well-known for its beautiful and fragile environment. 

    Botanical Garden and Rose Garden, in ecological parlance, arrange much of nature's wealth with captivating results.


    This vacation destination allows you to relax your mind, body, and spirit. Dolphin's Nose, Catherine Waterfall, Boat House, and Flower Show are just a few of the attractions in Ooty. 

    You can spend quality time with your family because it is loaded with must-see sites that will leave you with wonderful memories for a lifetime. Everyone recalls the movie Raaz and its fascinating setting in the forest. Yes, it is in Ooty, and the jungle is Pine Forest. Taking a step toward these woods will provide you with an experience unlike any other in your life.


    Distance from Bangalore- 297 Km


    Why Should You Go in June?


    Ooty has good weather throughout the year, although summer is the best time to come. June is a great month for adventure, wanderlust, family, and love. The temperature rises during the day and there is less fog than in previous seasons. The little but important piece of knowledge is that roadways are safer in June.


    How to Reach Ooty:


    By Road: There are several overnight buses available from Mumbai, Mysore, and Bangalore. You can reach Ooty by vehicle via NH 181 from Bangalore.


    By Air: The nearest airport is Coimbatore, which is 88 kilometers from the hill town and has strong connectivity with major Indian airports.


    By Train: The nearest railway station is Mettupalayam, which is around 40 kilometers from Ooty. You may travel in style by taking the Nilgiri Heritage train.


    Coorg is one of those places that generate strong emotions. Coorg is places to visit near bangalore for one day trip, with its stunning green hills and brilliant blue sky all year. 

    With your friends and family, you may participate in a variety of exciting activities such as river rafting, jeep safari, and quad riding. It's no surprise that Coorg is one of the best locations to visit near Bangalore. 

    This beautiful place provides in-depth cultural understanding, an exciting hike, and breathtaking vistas. Beautiful mountains, many streams, and gaze views of flora and animals make this a wonderful vacation location. Coorg will quench your appetite for adventure.


    Distance from Bangalore: 242 Km


    Why Should You Go Coorg in June?

    Because of the nice weather, June is the perfect month to visit Coorg. In the summer, Coorg remains cool and refreshing, and it welcomes visitors to relax and unwind in its lovely atmosphere. Summer temperatures vary from 110 C to 280 C. In June, you may see flowers flowering among gorgeous hills.


    Attractions in Coorg:

    • Coffee Plantation Tour
    • Nagarhole National Park
    • Madikeri Fort
    • Golden Temple
    • Kumara Parvatha Trek
    • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Virajpet


    How to Reach: 

    By Road: The distance between Coorg and Bangalore by road is 265 kilometers. You may get there by vehicle via Nh 48.

    By Air: The closest airport is Mangalore Airport, located 143 kilometers from Coorg.

    By Train: The nearest railway station is Mangalore, which is 135 kilometers away.



    Sakleshpur is the peak of beautiful landscapes and incomparable natural beauty. Without a doubt, Sakleshpur is one of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore that offers unforgettable experiences. 

    This little fascinating town is located 220 kilometers from Bangalore in the foothills of the Western Ghats in the Maland district. Cardamom, coffee, and pepper farms blanket the lush green hills, attracting travelers from all over the world. 

    Sakleshpur appears to be missing from the list of top locations to visit near Bangalore. A treasure trove of ancient temples, massive forts, gorgeous waterfalls, and mountain treks surround this lovely hill station.

    The 600-year-old Sakleshwara temple, which lies on the bank of the river Hemavathi, is one of the great works of art that provide a beautiful perspective. The magnificent view of the area and surrounding hills from Bisle View Point will captivate you. 

    Sakleshpur has an active lifestyle as well, and it is known as a trekking paradise. This town has revolutionized the adventure of trekking by presenting New Railway Bridge Trekking. So bring your family, friends, or partner here to enjoy the excellent features and comfort.


    Distance from Bangalore- 221 Km


    Why Should You Travel to Sakleshpur in June?

    Sakleshpur has a fresh and foggy atmosphere all year, but June is the perfect month to make memories on this Sakleshpur trip. 

    Sakleshpur has excellent weather in June, which allows you to enjoy sights such as the Hadlu waterfalls hike and Manjehalli waterfalls. In June, the average temperature in Sakleshpur is 230 degrees Celsius. That makes your holiday more enjoyable.


    Attractions in Sakleshpur

    • Manjarabad Fort
    • Kukke Subramanya Temple
    • Chikmagalur
    • Ambattur Gudda Peak
    • Manjehalli Waterfall
    • Ayyappa Swamy Temple


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