Soundproofing Blankets: Do They Really Work?


When it comes to soundproofing, the terminology may be a little confusing. Spending a crazy amount of money is the only way to fully soundproof anything.

The term "sound dampening" or "sound deadening" is more accurate in most cases. Although you may not be able to completely block all sound, there are a number of very inexpensive pieces of equipment that may assist you in dampening sound. A soundproofing blanket is one of these tools.

I'll be talking about inexpensive acoustic blankets like this one here. Do they really function, you may wonder?

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    Are Soundproofing Blankets Effective?

    Yes! That is, when it comes to soundproofing, a soundproofing blanket certainly works. You will be disappointed if you are expecting anything that would fully block all sound.

    These sound-absorbing blankets are composed of materials that absorb sound. The blanket's thickness is also important. Even the way the blanket is sewn may assist to muffle noise.

    When Should You Use a Soundproof Blanket?

    A soundproofing blanket may be a very useful tool for reducing noise levels in your home or workplace in a variety of circumstances.

    These blankets are ideal for spaces with a lot of hard floors but little furniture. When sound can easily bounce from the floor to the walls to the ceiling and back, it is magnified significantly.

    The addition of a soundproofing blanket to at least one of these hard surfaces will act as a sound speedbump. It will slow it down by preventing it from bouncing around and becoming louder.

    Soundproofing blankets may be used on a variety of surfaces, including:

    • on the doors
    • in the windows
    • on the walls
    • on the ground
    • on the rafters
    • around or on appliances
    • in the bedroom
    • in the restrooms
    • in rooms with little or no furnishings
    • in the laundries
    • in parking garages
    • in studios for recording
    • in music studios
    • in places where there is a lot of equipment that makes a lot of noise

    Construction will be required for the finest and most complete soundproofing solution.

    A soundproofing blanket is a non-construction option if you are in a scenario where you cannot perform any such construction, such as in a rental. Your sound-absorbing blanket won't completely block out the noise, but it will decrease it by 30 to 80 percent.

    How to Choose a Soundproofing Blanket of Superior Quality

    It's important to know how soundproofing blankets are produced before buying one. Woven cloth is often used on the outside of a soundproofing blanket.

    It's usually composed of an acoustically transparent material.

    This implies that sound waves will be able to travel through the outer layer and into the sound-absorbing inner layers.

    When it comes to cloth, you may be more acquainted with the term breathable.

    Fabric Types

    These words are unmistakably linked. In most cases, a breathable cloth will also be acoustically transparent. By blowing through a cloth, you can determine whether it is breathable. The cloth is both breathable and acoustically transparent if you can feel air passing through to the other side.

    The inner layer or layers are responsible for sound absorption and deadening. Fiberglass, mineral wool, recycled cotton, cellulose, and mass-loaded vinyl are used to create these layers.

    The polar opposite of acoustically transparent, this substance is opaque. Sound waves do not pass through this substance; instead, they are halted and imprisoned by it.

    A grommet is another feature seen in soundproofing blankets. This has nothing to do with sound absorption, but it makes it a lot easier to put the phone down.

    Price Points

    Soundproofing blankets are available at a wide variety of prices. You may anticipate high-quality materials and, in certain cases, a little additional thickness at the upper end.

    A good example of an excellent blanket is the Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel. It has a 2′′ thickness and depends on fiberglass for sound absorption. Fiberglass is one of the most sound-absorbing materials available.

    Grommets are included for simple hanging. With a width of four feet and a height of eight feet, it's very big. Many soundproofing blankets are unattractive, but this one is attractive, particularly if you like a contemporary style.

    Moving blankets are a cost-effective alternative.

    If you don't have a lot of money to spend, I'd recommend investing in a moving blanket rather than a soundproofing blanket.

    Professional movers use blankets to wrap around the furniture to avoid scratches, and these blankets may also serve as sound absorbers.

    They are also considerably less costly as a bonus. Although some moving blankets include grommets for hanging, many do not. Moving blankets aren't as good in soundproofing as real acoustic soundproofing blankets, but they may still absorb a lot of noise.

    The thicker the moving blanket, the more satisfied you will be with its noise-canceling abilities.

    The US Cargo Control Moving Blanket is an example of an excellent moving blanket that may assist deaden the sound in a noisy environment. Grommets are included for further convenience.

    At just 72′′ x 80′′, this is on the tiny side, so you may want to get more than one. Fortunately, the pricing is very cheap.

    The thickness of this blanket contributes to its ability to filter some sound. It's made of woven cotton and polyester, and it has zigzag stitching, which may help with soundproofing.

    You can't expect complete sound isolation at this price, but I've been blown away by how effective this moving blanket is in deadening noise.


    Finding a method to muffle some noise may make a significant impact in one's quality of life.

    Soundproofing is particularly beneficial for musicians, podcasters, anybody who works from home and needs to participate in conference calls on a regular basis, and parents, but I believe that soundproofing at least one place may benefit just about everyone.

    A soundproofing blanket may help you quiet the noise when you don't have a lot of money or don't want to take on a large construction or renovation job.

    Soundproofing blankets are relatively inexpensive sound-absorbing blankets. The total noise is deadened to a tolerable degree by absorbing the sound waves.

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