How to stop sharing your location without them knowing


There is no doubt that iOS has fewer customization options for consumers than Android. As a result, many features and functions on the iPhone are difficult to change, despite the fact that such a change may be very beneficial to you.

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When you use an iPhone your location is continuously shared with the operating system and a number of applications in order to improve convenience and user experience. Some applications, on the other hand, abuse your location data and sell it to third parties. so your location privacy may be affected.

If you have a spying app installed on your iPhone, it may track your phone's position all the time and report back to whoever is watching your phone's actions. so In this post, we will share the best information about how to stop sharing your location without them knowing.


How to stop sharing your location without them knowing?

There are many options for hiding and changing your location on your iPhone. When you do not want anybody to know where you are, hiding your location is a good idea. Changing your location, on the other hand, maybe helpful for gaining access to specific features in certain applications, such as gaming apps. These benefits may not be accessible in your area. So that based on your needs, you may choose from the options below.

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Method 1: Enable Airplane Mode on your smartphone.


There are varieties of situations in which you do not wish to receive any calls, texts, or other communications. You also do not want to connect to any adjacent devices in such situations. In other words, you want to keep your gadget totally disconnected from the internet. Assume you are in a business meeting, having a crucial conversation, or taking a break. In such a scenario, you may use Airplane Mode, which is a built-in feature of iOS.



Setting the device to Airplane mode will allow you to disconnect all of the device's connections. In fact, it is a standard function included with every smartphone on the market. This is a simple procedure to follow even if you are a first-time iPhone user.


Type 1: Using the Home and Lock Screens to activate Airplane Mode


Just swipe up while you are on the lock screen or the Home screen. Do it from the bottom up, and your iPhone's Control Centre will pop up.

Following that, an Airplane symbol appears in the top box. It is as simple as tapping on it. The Airplane Mode is activated when the symbol gets brighter and darker blue.


Type 2: From the Settings app

First switch on the smartphone and choose "Settings" from the home screen. Now, on the top block of the Settings, you should notice Airplane Mode. By default, it is turned off. It would be beneficial if you turned it on by swiping the symbol to the right. Therefore, you will see that Airplane Mode is turned on.

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Method 2: Turn off Share My Location Feature


You must switch off the Share My Location function on your iPhone to entirely stop sharing your location with friends and family. This is a solution for not mistakenly sharing your location with others. Most of the time, it is individuals in your near area that wish to spy on you. for that  take the following actions:


Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down the list of choices once it has opened and  Look for the Privacy option and choose it. When the Privacy settings window appears, choose Location Services and choose the option to Share My Location. Toggle off the Share My Location option to prevent your location from being shared with everyone.


Method 3: Stop using Find My App to share your location.

Find My is an unique app for your smartphone. This application was created to allow you to share your location with relatives or friends. Your location will be shared with those phones within your reach if this function is turned on.


The Find My app's goal is to track down a device that has gone missing. For example, if your smartphone is stolen, you may locate it by using another iOS device. If you want to turn off this function, just stop sharing your location.


Method 4: Change your device's location by using a different iOS device.


The iPhone has a handy function that enables you to share your location with another iOS device. To make it work, you will need to set up location sharing on a specific device. The easy methods to get it done are listed below.


Frist unlock the device and choose your Profile. Then you should enable the "Share My Location". It is also a good idea to turn on the switch.


On the iPad or any other iOS device, you should now enable share my location. Additionally, you could look for the “Find My” app on another iOS device. You should then be able to identify your current location as well.


After that, you may browse through the list of people who share the same location. Then touch on the list and choose the option to also share the location.



How can I change my location?

Go to Tap Data & customization at the top of the screen. Tap Location History under "Activity controls." Change whether your profile or your devices can send Google location data your account and all of your devices Turn Use Location History on or off at the top.


How can I track my iPhone's location?

Start by going to the "People" page in the "Find My" app on your iPhone. Choose "Share My Location" and input the name or phone number of the person with whom you want to share your location. Press the "Send" button.


Is it possible to send a false live location?

To send a fake WhatsApp location on Android, you may use an app called Fake GPS Location (or any other app you see fit). You may also use any other app that you think is appropriate. The procedures are the same.


I hope that you have understood the different methods for how to stop sharing your location without them knowing. When a location is not required, it is useless to share it with others and it may affect your smartphone battery life. So you should take all necessary precautions to safeguard your location privacy.

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