ICAI CA Exams 2021: Supreme Court to listen to plea to postpone examination, opt-out choices these days



CA Exams 2021: Supreme Court to listen to plea to postpone exams
CA Exams 2021: Supreme Court to listen to plea to postpone exams  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: India's Supreme Court today will consider the request to postpone the ICAI CA exam 2021. The application submitted by Anubha Shrivastava Sahai states that there must be at least one ICAI CA exam center in each district of the country. The petition also aims at an additional intent for students taking the intermediate and final exams according to the above curriculum. There must be "at least one test center in each district of India," and the test must be staggered, the petition says.

Meanwhile, more than 6,000 Chartered Accounting (CA) students have also written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting the postponement of the upcoming CA exams in light of the COVID19 situation in the country. A bench with three judges AM Khanwilkar, Judge Dinesh Maheshwari and Judge Aniruddha Bose will hear the matter at 10:30 am today.

Although the declaration also seeks an opt-out option for students, ICAI has already announced and provided an opt-out option for enrolled students to take the next exam cycle in July.

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The allegation is that there should be readiness screening centers for those centers likely to get into the containment zone during the screening.

If authorities cannot guarantee compliance with COVID19 guidelines, the investigations scheduled for July 6 should be postponed to a later period when the COVID19 situation normalizes, he added.

While the CA Foundation exams begin July 24 and the CA Inter exams run July 6-20, the CA final exams are scheduled for July 5-19.

As an alternative remedy, the petitioner has asked the ICAI for instructions to postpone the examination until the Covid19 crisis has normalized if compliance with the COVID19 safety measures, vaccinations for all students, employees, and supervisors are not possible.

The petitioner has also asked for directions for free transportation and accommodation for applicants who do not live near their respective exam centers to protect them from a high likelihood of COVID19 infection.

The petitioner has also asked the court to issue instructions to treat the subtitled electronic admission cards issued to students as an e-passport for the free movement of these students in containment zones or red zones during exams. 

In addition, ICAI was instructed to report the results with a specific schedule at least 7 days before the start of the next exam/exam/ cycle.

 It should be noted that more than 6,000 Chartered Accounting applicants have also recently written to CJI NV Ramana asking for instructions to the ICAI to offer an OptOut option to students who are unable to take exams due to COVID19. Increase the number of attempts for students in previous courses and do an additional test attempt for students who cannot sit.

The letter asked the CJI to take note of the matter, link their application to the current PIL and place the matter in the top priority category as exams begin on July 5th and admission cards will be released shortly.

The ICAI has also notified students of an additional attempt for students enrolled in the previous CA final and intermediate exam course. The option was extended until the exams in November 2021. Students who do not wish to take the July exams due to COVID could also submit. November exams at no extra charge.

A group of 6,000 candidates also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting that the exam be postponed and expressing concerns about the agreements and the intention to take “offline exams”. The ICAI has claimed it would run the tests under strict COVID19 protocols. they depend on the reason presented today.

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